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the @main addicts guild emblem - the @main addicts guild emblem


@main addicts is the guild devoted to the @main chat channel on Alpha. It was started by Arco in late September/early October of 2005. It was quite popular until Arco quit EuphRO for a period of about 2 months. During that time, the then Priest Fornoth became the leader of the guild. Arco eventually returned but leadership stayed with Fornoth. As of today, Fornoth has quit, and the guild disbanded July 10, 2006 at about 3:00 pm EST (Server Time).

Notable Members Past and Present

Arco - Sniper
Hexed Eternal - (quit)
Razchek - Assassin (quit)
ubergeeK - Numerous characters
Fornoth - High Priest (quit)
-Echizen- - SinX
Kessak - Too many characters to count
PsyE - Numerous characters
Steal Yo Crap - Rogue
PurseSnatcher - Rogue
Kronon - Assassin (quit)
DSMK2 - Knight
Kotaro - Sniper
Raithii - Clown
Harliquin - Sniper
ericsheng21 - Paladin
Zan - Hunter
and many others, including some ex-GMs


@main addicts currently have a forum which is located here

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