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@main is sort of like a chat room in-game. It's basically a guild chat that anyone can join.


How to use @main

To get on @main type: @main on
To get off @main type: @main off
To talk type this before each sentence: @main


There are other ways to talk however. Instead of typing @main each time you can instead use a shortcut (located on the ~ key) ` which works the same. For instance instead of typing @main on you can instead type `on. Or instead of saying @main blah blah blah to talk you can say `blah blah blah.

The last way to talk is you can put main into your PM box. That will send messages to @main without having to type anything extra.


While some use the channel to ask for a price check (denoted as PC>*item*) for rares they've just received from monsters, and look for party members, EuphRO players use @main to talk with those who have turned the channel on. It is a great way to meet more friends even if their characters are on other maps. Conversations vary from in-game issues (advice on character builds, player issues) to real-life (ex. pets, games, school, World Cup football, etc). The same rules that apply for normal chatting apply to @main as well. That means no harassing or spamming.

@main Guild

There's even a guild on Alpha for those that love @main. It was originally called The_Legend_of_@main which was created by A-Karf, but after Anarchy was gone he ended up leaving the server. There was another guild called @main addicts which was created by Arco, but it disbanned July 10th, 2006.

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