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  • TaTsU* is an infamous GREEN assassin who's made his name known in PvP maps such as Battledome. His tactics include Sonic Blowing an opponent, followed by backsliding [occasionally followed by Hiding and Grimtooth if target has not yet met death, and then cloaking. This method of attack was made popular by the Black Sakkat assassins who were classified as "noobs" by other PvP players.

Unlike most assassins, *TaTsU* will activly attack more fearsome and stronger classes such Crusaders and Knights, and even their Transcendant forms. Because of his unorthodox playing style, and him not discriminating his targets(he attacks Novice's and 1st classes respectivly) *TaTsU* has earned the scorn of many, however it has been notted that he has a few followers that will assist him PvP.
TaTsU acquired the gears and equips from his brother, ranma ex who quit. TaTsU became a victim of hacking when Kozuka, the brother of a GM by the name of Nolia, used her GM account to access his account and tamper with it.

Botted on EuphRO with the OpenKore botting program, registered under the name of s4 on the official OpenKore forums.
Link: http://forums.openkore.com/viewtopic.php?p=135830&highlight=#135830

One of s4's(Tatsu's) posts on the OpenKore forums. He is posting his information for suggestions on where he can bot

----------------------- Status -------------------------
  • TaTsu* HP: 5106/6117 (83%)

Assassin Boy SP: 30/412 (7%)
Base: 91 10,154,235/11,649,960 /1144 (87.16%)
Job : 50
Zeny: 389,299 Weight: 1803/4890 (36.9%)
Statuses: Concentration Potion
Spirits: 0

Char Stats ----------

Str: 83 +15 #10 Atk: 307+25 Def: 24 +20
Agi: 78 +11 #9 Matk: 6 ~5 Mdef: 0 +15
Vit: 18 +2 #3 Hit: 111 Flee: 227+5
Int: 1 +4 #2 Critical: 14 Aspd: 173
Dex: 12 +8 #3 Status Points: 0
Luk: 45 +0 #6 Guild:

topHead : +4 Burning Blood Bandana (21)
midHead : Angled Glasses (16)
lowHead : Romantic Leaf (20)
leftHand : +5 Katar of Raging Blaze (23)
rightHand : +5 Katar of Raging Blaze (23)
robe : +4 Muffler [Orc Zombie] [1] (1Cool
armor : +4 Chain Mail [Picky] [1] (19)
shoes : +4 Sandals [Chonchon] [1] (17)
leftAccessory : Clip [Mantis] [1] (15)
rightAccessory : Clip [Mantis] [1] (24)

Still botting @ soils, but this is just because i play on a 3x server!! (EUPHRO)
Any good place i can go to. I dont have any good eq though.

i have a trip saharic jur ! Are seals a good place to bot? I can try to buy a weapon if you tell
me a good place to lvl! Thanks

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